Honest Guidance for Greater Success

While many promotional product distributors act more as “order takers” who simply fulfill requests, Coastal Promotions provides honest guidance to help make your marketing campaigns successful.

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hands-on guidance

Defining Your Need

Find the best options for your promotional needs. We work with you to select the perfect products to reflect your brand, including “hot” new items, seasonal trends, and materials, packaging, and printed inserts for the perfect presentation.

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Focusing on Quality

We help you find the right products at the right price, but that doesn’t mean compromising quality. We give you access to products you’ll be proud to put your name on and that people will be excited to use. We want you to make an impression that goes beyond a single event or campaign to elevate your brand, build connections with your audience, and generate excitement and awareness.

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Ensuring Your Success

It’s not just about picking the right product; we help determine order levels based on your project, alert you to any supply chain issues, and manage distribution. We’re available when you need us and are with you every step of the way.

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Our goal is to help you create meaningful connections with your customers, prospects, and employees with the perfect promotional product.

– Wanda Levy

A Different Type of Promotional Solution

Coastal Promotions was founded because we saw a need for a boutique promotional agency that would offer a more personalized service.

A complete solution, from idea generation and sourcing to packaging, distribution, and fulfillment.

Total transparency from beginning to end.

Continuous collaboration throughout your project.

See the difference a boutique promotional experience can make for your event or campaign.